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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What type/thickness of plywood is necessary for the underlayment (deck)?


A: Standard plywood (not particle board), 5/8” thickness for our cabinets and other framed cabinets, ¾” thickness for frameless cabinets.

Q: How far does my plywood need to extend for an island?

A: If the plywood is flush with the front of the cabinet, for the 36” island, the plywood should extend 32 ½” inches from the front, for a 48” island, the plywood should extend 47 1/2” inches from the front. 

Q: What slab sizes are available?

A: For granite we have 9’ x 2’, 8’ x 3’, and 8’ x 4’. For quartz we have 8’ x 2’, 10’ x 2’, 9’ x 3’ and 8’ x 4’. 

Q: What are the measurements on sink ______?

A: Refer to our Sink Page or ask for a handout of our sinks.

Q: Can you put a hot pan on granite/quartz?

A: It is not recommended for either, hot pans can discolor quartz and crack granite and/or damage the sealant, leaving you open to moisture and discoloration from other sources. 

Q: What is the depth of the inset for toe kick?

A: 1 ½ inches from toe kick to face.

Q: What wall cabinet heights do you carry?

A: Our standard heights are 30”, 36”, and 40”. We also have shorter cabinets for over the range and refrigerator (from 12” tall to 24” tall in 3 inch increments).


Q: What sizes of kitchen bases do you carry? 

A: They are all 34 ½ inches tall, with a countertop brings it up to 36 inches. We have sizes in 3 inch increments from 6” to 36”. The depth of all our kitchen cabinets are 24 inches standard. Our drawer bases come with 3 drawers only. Our standard bases have one drawer on top with door(s) below. 

Q: What sizes of bathroom bases do you carry?

A: We have two heights of vanities, the short size which is 31 ½ inches tall (33” with counter), and the kitchen size which is 34 ½ inches tall (36” with counter). Sink bases are available in 24”, 30”, and 36”, with our drawer bases going from 12” to 24” in 3 inch increments. The depth of all our vanities is 21 inches. We also have combo units that have drawers and sink bases built into one unit. Those units come in 36”, 42”, 48”, 58 ½” (double sink only), and 60” lengths. 

Q: What are the measurements on your backsplash pieces?

A: Our backsplash measures in at 4 inches by 8 feet. 

Q: What lengths do your trim pieces come in at?

A: Our toe kick, scribe molding, crown molding, outside corner molding, and quarter round molding, all are 8 foot sticks. Our finished end panels are fit to the size of the cabinet except for the big 8 foot by 4 foot sheet that we also have to be cut to size for other, miscellaneous paneling areas, and the refrigerator end panel which also needs to be cut to size.


Q: Can I get the raised panel style in a different color (eg. the Chestnut style on White cabinets)?

A: No, all of our colors only come in the one style you see on them.